LED candle bulb 7w

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LED bulbs are the appearance of people have been accustomed to the shape of the bulb - spherical, internal light source selection is LED chip. 


  • Energy saving              
  • Long service lifetime
  • Flicker free starting operation
  • Color Temperature:2700/4000/6500K
  • Voltage: AC220-240V/AC110-130V/AC165-265V


Min Order Quantity: 5000 PCS  Shipment: 40HQ / 20GP / LCL 
 Packing Details: 1pc /color box Production Time: 35 days
ModelWattageBaseRaLumenLED TypeBeam AngleSize
C37 E143-7WE1480>80lm/WSMD220°Φ37*100mm
C37 E273-7WE2780>80lm/WSMD220°Φ37*100mm
FC37 E143-7WE1480>80lm/WSMD220°Φ37*125mm
FC37 E273-7WE2780>80lm/WSMD220°Φ37*125mm
High Efficiency Series
ModelWattageBaseRaLumenLED TypeBeam AngleSize
C37 E147-10WE1480>100lm/WSMD220°Φ38*107mm
C37 E277-10WE2780>100lm/WSMD220°Φ38*107mm
FC37 E147-10WE1480>100lm/WSMD220°Φ38*136mm
FC37 E277-10WE2780>100lm/WSMD220°Φ38*136mm

LED candle bulb 7w
LED candle bulb 7w

LED Lamps& Tubes series

LED Lamps play a very important role in daily life, whether it is the main lamps, reading lamps, unique decorative lamps, or night lights, they all give warm and comfortable energy. Lamps can light up the darkness and illuminate life. This LED Lamps&Tubes series includes: LED Bulbs, LED Filament Bulbs, and LED Tubes, bulbs of different shapes, you can always pick the most beloved one.

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